About Me

HeArtist, surfer, Mumma and explorer. Riding that creative wave and spreading the creative spirit.

My Philosophy:  I believe that we humans are incredible creatures who have been given the gift of creativity.  A gift that can be used to heal, love, give, grow and evolve.  By opening up the creative channel we experience harmony and can transcend.  We can learn to observe ourselves, explore our depths and expand.  We can connect more deeply with ourselves and therefore others.

I get just as much joy in cultivating creativity in others as I do myself.  It comes from a love affair with the complexities of what it means to be human and a need to bring soul food along to our journey in human evolution.

What I do: I am an artist and I run art and creativity workshops and programs tailored for kids, teenagers and adults with the aim of expanding people's awareness, skills, capacity and world view while connecting them more deeply with themselves and their work.  Some programs are happening now in our remote town of Carnarvon and some are in the making to spread far and wide.

My own art is inspired by the life I lead as a mother, ocean lover and soul searcher. Always trying to capture that fleeting feeling, crashing wave, essences of love.  Always movement. Always motion.  Always energy. This is how we experience life.…..

Who I am: Meanwhile, this is me in a nut shell……

Personality type is ‘The Helper’ (I can’t help it.  I want to know you and I get joy out of seeing you grow.) With a little bit of me who is ‘The Performer, or The Doer’….

So you won’t be surprised to find no TV in our house and only a 2 seater couch for a family of 4.  I play with the kids on the mat, we talk at the kitchen table, I read books and feed my brain on the bed, do yoga on the deck and let my imagination fly at the art table.

I have a soul mate of a husband, Mike and 2 life-enriching, sleep depriving, heart expanding daughters, Sumatra and Escher.  These humans are my biggest teachers in life, my foundation and my sanction.

I always appear to be the last one left at a gathering…. I love a chat and a good D&M is my love language.


Somedays I hate that I love surfing. It’s the most challenging, frustrating thing I’ve ever fallen in love with. What’s that saying.....about nothing worth having comes easy?

We spend as many of our weekends as practical “up the coast” camping in the dirt in an isolated part of Western Australia.  It’s a place where desert meets the sea, the south wind howls, the marine life is mind-blowing,  Ooooooo and the surf is world class. It seems I’d put up with anything for a good wave with a humpback.

I love to share my stories either as images or a blog. Be a part of my journey….