About Miranda

Inquiring into the human psyche and embodying the pulse and swirls of the wind and ocean, Miranda Plum intrinsically paints the essence of our minds and the rhythms of our earth.

A West Australian artist, residing along the Ningaloo coast, Miranda’s ocean art is the lingering of her time spent on her surfboard or exploring the abundant reef beds.  Her journey as a mother of two young girls also has her painting the world of stories with the understanding that the essence of a child’s psyche is also that of a fully grown adult.

Miranda’s work often has a fluidity to it as her life is fully of movement; her love of yoga, surfing, playing with her kids, and her background in freeform dance.  This embodiment of rhythms and motion finds it’s way through the paint.  Many of her paintings have begun with no goal in mind but have come from cutting lose on the dancefloor of the art room – a way through the inhibitions that can plague even the best artists, and an act of opening up to the excitement that anything can happen

From bright colours to raw earthiness, Miranda has two unique styles: works on paper with vibrant water colour inks; and painting on wood or canvas using polyurethane (woodvarnish). As the creative journey continues she is constantly pushing and exploring these mediums, developing styles that are unique to her along the way.

Miranda’s work is available as paper prints and selected work is available on greeting cards. Keep your eye out for originals as they tend to move quickly!  Subscribe and keep up to date.

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