The Value of Travelling, Consciously.

What Could I have possibly learned from 3 years of Swanning Around the Country?

With a little help from Leunig

It’s true, much of my time over the last three years has been spent riding around with my feet on the dash, surfing on a weekday, visiting tourist attractions and having idle chit chat with all the wonderful, random people we have met along the way.  Life has felt pretty free.  A nice hiatus from the general responsibilities in life. So really, what could be the value in all this swanning around? How am I contributing?  Shouldn’t I pull my socks up and get on with life?

As any traveller can you travelling is as much as a journey inward as it is...

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The Art of Listening

I’ve been learning how to listen. To listen with my ears, my skin, my blood and my breath. Lately, when I wake up in the morning, instead of filling my head with all the demands for the day, I’ve taken a moment to just listen. There’s the traffic out in the street, the neighbours getting ready for work; sometimes there’s a bus or a garbage truck, and there’s the birds. I hadn’t really taken much notice of the birds before, but if you take a moment they are always there. Thank god for the birds.

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Take Me to My Leader

Two silent weeks in a Buddhist meditation centre, Sri Lanka.

My husband and I decided it would be fun to learn and experience the techniques of  Vipassana meditation (also known as silent or insight meditation).  First of all, let me set the scene... Wake up at 4am, go to bed at 10pm.  Meditators are expected to join in 4 x 1 hour group meditation sessions and put in a daily total of 6-8 hours sitting meditation and 4 hours walking meditation.  For walking meditation one is to find a 5-10 metre length of courtyard and pace slowly back and forth.  As part of a monastery meditators are encouraged to join Buddhist practices and pay homage twice a day through chanting and offerings.  There are 2 meals a day, breakfast...
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