Soaking in Sea Mist

After my first exhibition in April 2013 my husband and I set off travelling through Indonesia, Sri Lanka and up the west coast of Australia surfing some the most famous and rewarding surf breaks along the way.

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I Dream in High Definition

The exhibition of works by Miranda Plum (Mitchell), Tamlin Dobrich and Donna Bottomley featuring original paintings, drawings and ceramics.

After not picking up a brush in 10 years I was enjoying playing with the paints again and with a leap of faith decided I would work towards an exhibition. It was an excuse to dedicate all my focus to my creative side, explore it, turn everything out to the highest quality and push myself to new levels. I had quit my corporate job, sold my house and had planned to go travelling the following year... and while the thought of putting my artwork (that I hadn’t even created yet) out there terrified me, I decided I had nothing to lose.

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