I Dream in High Definition

I Dream in High Definition

The exhibition of works by Miranda Plum (Mitchell), Tamlin Dobrich and Donna Bottomley featuring original paintings, drawings and ceramics.

After not picking up a brush in 10 years I was enjoying playing with the paints again and with a leap of faith decided I would work towards an exhibition. It was an excuse to dedicate all my focus to my creative side, explore it, turn everything out to the highest quality and push myself to new levels. I had quit my corporate job, sold my house and had planned to go travelling the following year... and while the thought of putting my artwork (that I hadn’t even created yet) out there terrified me, I decided I had nothing to lose.

To join my vision I asked two close friends who were exceptionally creative and talented but whose lives were also steered off in other directions. Art was something we would most often plan for our down-time – the kind of time which always seemed a permanent fixture on the horizon and hardly a reality for us busy, career-focused women. I Dream in High Definition gave us an opportunity to turn inward and find out what we’ve got.

An old renovated stable which was an old horse hospital provided the perfect setting. Donna’s expressive works and enchanting images, along with my colourful ink paintings, leapt off the large white walls. While in the stable hallway Tamlin’s urban art and my rustic surf scenes seemed right at home between old wooden stable doors. The opening night, by invitation only, saw 70 guests with an additional flow of visitors from the public the next day.

Tamlin, Donna and myself had a chance to speak about what our art meant for us and express our gratitude for the support and encouragement we felt from all who purchased our art work and attended the event. We were thrilled to have silk-painting Artist Gillian Murray announce the official opening and offer her words of wisdom from her years of experience in the art world....

...“You never know where these girls are going to be in 10 years...”

For me exhibition marked a turning point in my life. The encouragement I felt from the success of the evening and the joy and freedom I felt as I painted my way there opened up a new way of seeing and new ideas for my future were already appearing. As I continue to paint and establish myself as an artist, creativity has become a vehicle in which I can share myself with the world, and also a therapy.... a way to let go of thought and go with the flow.

That which hadn’t seemed possible is now very real. It’s amazing what a leap of faith can do for us, as it often turns out that it is the idea of something we tend to fear most but if we face it with courage what we really find is new heights.

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