Abundance Original

It’s funny how we can forget that we are surrounded by so much, that we have so much available to us.  That we can tap into beauty and wholeness at any time.

In my region I am surrounded by fresh produce from the plantations. Avocados, greens, pumpkins, mangoes, bananas and melons in abundance.

As I write this friends are boats reporting orca sightings, swimming with dugongs, turtles and fish in all sizes and colours.

Up the road is the best surf I may ever play in in my lifetime.

Right now my husband plays cards in the loungeroom with my kids.

All I need to live, play, marvel and feel connected is right at my fingertips.

Today I remember how abundant I am.



Water colour inks on 450gsm paper in handmade wooden frame


Dimensions: 39 x 47cm – outside edge of frame


Shipping not included, please contact miranda@mirandaplum.com to arrange.

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