Soaking in Sea Mist

Soaking in Sea Mist

A solo exhibition as part of the Broome Arts Festival, 2014

The Face That Haunts My Dreams

"The Face That Haunts My Dreams" wood-varnish on wood

After my first exhibition in April 2013 my husband and I set off travelling through Indonesia, Sri Lanka and up the west coast of Australia surfing some the most famous and rewarding surf breaks along the way. Close to a year was spent lazing in the sunshine, paddling through turquoise water and surfing amongst tropical fish, turtles and whales. My life moved from running at 5th gear in the city to a comfortable 2nd as we soaked up new scenes and breathed in all that space; the space of an open agenda and the space of that vast ocean that we gravitated to. We relaxed, we cleared our minds. We surfed and explored. We were fortified by the company of people from all over the world who had come to do the same. Life became a meditation as we enjoyed and immersed ourselves in each moment.

Surfers Are So Laid Back

"Surfers Are So Laid Back" works on paper

In my second exhibition, Soaking in Sea Mist I wanted to capture the freedom, the colours and sensations of that trip; the general essence of the time spent relaxing and laughing, surfing and exploring.

We had settled in the beautiful town of Broome where I had been invited to exhibit as part of the inaugural Broome Arts Festival, organised by local artist Sobrane Simcock. The holiday town of Broome was the perfect place to connect the audience with my lingering memories of our trip. Set on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, people come from all corners of the globe to watch a Broome sunset and leisurely explore the surrounding landscapes of the Kimberley coast. The locals, with their close connection with the Earth have the same appreciations of their environment as the visitors and together share a like-minded lifestyle to that which I lived whilst on our travels.

Our bond with nature was depicted in Soaking in Sea Mist with bright colours on paper showing silhouetted beauties surfing at sunset, laid back longboarders peaking on waves, and ocean creatures as serene and effortless as they are. Each painting carried a flow that tied the images together creating a harmonious and rhythmic mood, like the ocean. I also explored the effects of painting wood-varnished surf scenes on wood instead of canvas and found it really brought home the true element of nature that I attach with when I surf.


"Bromance" works on paper

Soaking in Sea Mist was a wonderful step for Miranda Plum Art as I approached a newtown, a new market and a new goal. The rich ocean blues, sunset oranges and earthy browns connected with the audience in the way that I hoped and in turn I connected withthe many people I met through the exhibition, finding new friends and new inspiration with those who, like me, love to soak in sea mist.

To view the exhibition visit the Surf Art Gallery.  For Prints and Gift Cards please get in touch.

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