State of The Art

How do we access our deepest, creative offerings and move them through layers of vulnerability, out into the world?


How do we work with the natural forces to create flow in our art and business, generating momentum in the energies of offering and attracting?


How do we stay aligned in our magic and thriving in our business?


State of The Art membership and program, is an ascension journey for Creatives, where we unveil the creative world and guide you on your unique path.

For the next 6 months you will be…


⊛ Learning to deeply tap into your energy body so you can create from a desired essence.


⊛ Unveiling the mysterious creative world as we enter the plain of frequencies.


⊛ Understanding the role art plays in global consciousness and why your offerings are so important.

⊛ Guided to navigate your personal ascension.


⊛ Working with the forces of aligned attraction so you thrive energetically and financially in your craft.


⊛ Joining a private container, supported and connected with kin creatives on our unfolding journeys.

Why Become a State of The Art Member?

Because your gifts and talents are so important to the world as is your personal energy when you fully align with your soul offerings.  


This membership is for those who are on a creative journey, who are ready to dissolve the old ideas around art and artist and create a new world for yourself and each other with the true value of creativity at the core.


It’s for those who want to feel a sense of freedom and expansion in your craft, both in the moment of creating art and in your business.

" I do know that this work is at the core of anything I decide to do in the future... my craft will come and be a true extension of myself."

Sharon Robinson Textiles Artist

"Miranda it's what drew me to your work and courses... when I heard you speak, I could feel that you carry this knowing within you!"

Willow Sculpture and Women's Healer

"Something has always been missing, it's the flow of energy that brings your reality in line with your intentions, your heart in line with your body and soul. Miranda has the capacity to help bring all these into alignment and rejoice with you as you see REAL, meaningful growth."

Rachel Dancer and Creative

What’s Included in the 6 Months?

 3 x Programs  – Rise, Magnetic and The Money Prophecies 


Together they are designed to lift your vibration, charge up your pulling power and expand you, both creatively and financially. 

These programmes unravel and make sense of the illusory creative world and anchor you deeply in the purpose you play and how to play it.  

You are left with a sense of clarity and control about how to advance with your craft and orchestrate your life, your art and your business as one synergistic flow.


These three programs include:


⊛ 5 x Masterclasses (60- 90minute each) per programme.

⊛ Integration homework for each Masterclass 

⊛ A safe container for each programme to share your homework, comments, questions and journey and be supported.

⊛ Specifically designed meditations and bonus content to support your ascension.


The 3 programmes takes 3 weeks if you did one session per week day, each session is 1-1.5 hours each, but you are welcome to take it at your own pace over the 6 months. I will be in this space with you, staying close as you journey through the programme.

additional perks

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⊛ 6 Months membership in a private FB group with other creatives and myself.


While we all offer something different and unique the essence of a creative’s journey is very similar to one another.  I have created a space for us to celebrate, support and activate each other as we connect with people who get it because they are doing the work too.  

In here I will be running the embodiment sessions and posting the recordings of coaching calls for you to access any time. 


⊛ Monthly live creative-embodiment sessions

We can learn about frequency intellectually but the magic truly is in the integration.  When we can fully embody higher and cleaner vibrational states then we are more likely to truly give, act, think, respond, speak and problem solve from these places. 

When we can become really familiar with what different states feel like in the body we have more mastery around slipping in and out of them as we desire.  This is where I’ll take you, into a deep connection with your physical body, your energy body and creative body so you can become the creative channel you desire to be.


⊛ Monthly group zoom call.

This gives us some structure to support you as you integrate and take this journey. It’s the chance to ask questions, receive coaching from me, learn from each other, discuss issues, breakthroughs and more. Grab a cup of tea and notebook, Hang out, connect live, and ground down. 

Your Investment

2nd release 5 days $333 per month

3rd and final $555 per month

VIP Upgrade to 6 x 1.5 hour 1:1 coaching sessions plus Watzapp daily access Add $555 per month. (Offer valid for 5 clients max)

Want to speak with me directly? Email me to get in touch at


About Me

My name is Miranda Plum and I am a visual artist, muralist, free-form dancer and coach for creatives. I have also toured, mentored and worked with creatives of all kinds including musicians, aerial artist, circus, street and theatre performers, dancers, photographers, designers, entrepreneurs  and more. 


Every step in moving from emerging to professional artist has been a conscious decision, one that comes from a devotion to the truth that there must be a way, despite many inherited beliefs trying to hold me back.  


I sought out the most incredible coaches who helped shift me into my deepest alignment and activated me.  What transpired through energy embodiment work and integrating the concepts of energetics into my every day life was that the art world, my personal art, and my business started making complete sense. 


This clarity and integration is what I want to share with other creatives as this insight into the part that creatives play in the world is incredibly powerful not just for you but everyone on the planet.  

Join Me in the State of The Art

To start your membership, click the button below to proceed.  I will send a confirmation email after the payment process outlining the next steps to accessing your programmes and membership.  I’m looking forward to welcoming you on this journey!