State of Art Membership (VIP ADD ON)


VIP Upgrade includes everything in the State of Art Membership PLUS  6 x 1.5 hour 1:1 coaching sessions plus Watzapp daily access. Only adding $555 per month. (Offer valid for 5 clients max)

Be sure to check out with both the “regular” and “VIP” in your cart if you are wanting this bundle package.

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For the next 6 months you will be…

  • Learning to deeply tap into your energy body so you can create from a desired essence.
  • Unveiling the mysterious creative world as we enter the plain of frequencies.
  • Understanding the role art plays in global consciousness and why your offerings are so important.
  • Guided to navigate your personal ascension.
  • Working with the forces of aligned attraction so you thrive energetically and financially in your craft.
  • Joining a private container, supported and connected with kin creatives on our unfolding journeys.