Within – Limited Edition


This is a limited edition print with only 60 being printed in A2.  It comes with the gold leafing retouched by hand.  Inks are archival so the colours will stay vibrant and together with the art paper it will look like an original.

I’ve written about the meaning of this print below.


58 in stock



Within is a celebration of our bodies – which is so much more than just a body.

Our body is our guide through life, it holds a wisdom and speaks to us through its own language: through a full spectrum of emotions; sometimes a strong or weak feeling; sometimes words that come from beyond the mind.

Our body is our means through which we can experience all earthly and divine things: Dance, music, hugs and kisses, salty beach skin, the smell of flowers…… chocolate…. sunrises….

Our body is the conduit that enables creative energy to manifest itself.

It’s THE Source of Love that we can draw on endlessly and share that with others just by being in it.

Its a vibration of energy that attracts to it things of the same energy that it emanates.

Its the one thing that belongs to us completely.

Within is the reminder for us to treasure it, as it is full of treasures.