If you’ve been keeping track lately, or can’t… you’ve probably seen me be involved in a number of different things… let’s see, murals, exhibitions, coaching, dancing and touring and even producing some live music events.

No I’m not crazy (most of the time), there is a single core reason that drives me, making all these things feel aligned.

I understand the power of the arts and the responsibility of the artists. 

The Arts has this organic ability to draw people in and lift their whole vibration just by being in its presence. It can reach everybody, and is even a little bit more fun than a therapist.

Let me explain how exactly murals can transform the feel of whole towns and musicians can fill stadiums of people for just a 2 hours music immersion.  Its a phenomenon we easily observe but haven’t really questioned how exactly this happens and what role it plays in the human consciousness.

In the arts we are playing in the realm of vibrations.  Music is a vibration, each note having its own frequency, visual artists paint with colour – light frequency, dancers move and express energy through their bodies.

And then …..something magical happens.



Mural “Abundant” in Carnarvon.


As the audience connects with the art – the music, the painting, the movement, the art is “felt”.  The artist’s energy is passed from themselves, to the audience, through the artform until the audience is oscillating in the same vibrations as that of  the artist.

Think about some of your favourite songs. You know that when you go to listen to that song it’s going to make you feel a certain way. Your whole vibration syncs up with the energy of the song. You feel its messages through the rhythms and lyrics and embody it as if you are feeling what the musician lived in that very moment of singing it.

Visual art is the same.  When an audience pauses for a moment to connect with a painting they are tapping into the vibrational quality of the art.  The painting is manifested in the energy of the artist, and holds this vibrational signature.  This is why I was attracted to murals.  Imagine what it does, a whole town with high quality artwork that is accessible to everyone.  People seek this out, like a good song, because they know its going to make them feel a certain way.

We sync up to many surrounding energies every day: music; movies; a novel, our environment; each other.  We don’t really even have to think about it, it happens automatically. And when we in in it we are supple to its messages, and we then act out from those new energetic states we are pulled into. 

And so here lies the value and the responsibility of the artist. In order for an artist to deliver their work in the certain essence they move themselves through layers of vulnerability, they take risks and summon courage.  Until the artist’s path becomea a spiritual journey in itself.  The art being the very thing that holds the artist to integrity, knowing that in order to deliver they have to find that energetic state of being in themselves first.  

The further the artist goes the more they get to pass themselves on, new levels of vibration being put out into the ether to be embodied by others. 

And here we are evolving consciousness, just through dancing, playing, painting and being. 

For artists wanting mentoring through their journey, I offer coaching and have created programs specifically around understanding our energetic flow as an artist.  

Rise – Lifting our vibrational state

Magnetic – Creating a charge in our “pulling power’.

The Money Prophecies – Finding empowerment through flow.

To view my coaching sessions and packages, visit here.



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